Monday, October 31, 2011

Ning Account

Villan Vs. Hero Ning Profile

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  1. This would be a wonderful tool to use with students in history or science classes. If I were teaching a history class I would implement this type of social networking by having the students take on the characters of certain individuals in history. For example I may have a group of individuals play the roles of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks as well as the NAACP; as well as JFK, Jaclyn Kennedy and Ted Kennedy, so that they can review and research the information and events that took place at this time. I think that the students could also benefit by being able to gather photos and gather videos, in this way the students could see and hear event that are important to where we are now and why we have come this far. This type of networking would also give them a feel for hands on activities. In becoming the characters the students could have a true and close sense of what it was like to fight for civil rights, the struggle for equality, and the loss of life. If I were teaching, and using this method in a science, I would have them research the process and importance of photosynthesis by having each student look up and research a different stage in the photosynthesis process, I would have them become that part of this cycle and explain their importance to the others in their network. Also well as the importance of DNA and the process of cell division. I also believe that this is a good way to teach children how to spell, with activities that are extra fun for them.