Friday, November 11, 2011

SPED Sign Language

Special Education Sign Language

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  1. I enjoyed working with the WIKI’s but really I enjoyed more working with the group, it was fun and challenging. As with some of the other activities that we have done I really think that this would be a good website to use with a group in a history class. The project perhaps could be the discussion and comparison of WWII. The students could compare the war by comparing the events or happenings that were going on in the Pacific Theater showing how the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor, discuss the Battan Death March and compare that as well as the POW camps with the concentration camps that the Jews and other people in Germany were placed in. They could compare the individual battles that were taking place in Germany against Brittan or other countries. Or they could compare the battles at Midway, Guam, Hiroshima, and other islands. The students could have a discussion about and compare the battles out at sea to the battles fought on land. The students could talk about the hardships and difficulties that the troops suffered, or how they endured the weather. There are so many different ideas a teacher could come up with to use WIKI’s and incorporate them into their education time. It does take time and you have to learn the dos and don’ts first, but once you get that down it will work out fine.