Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Cultural Heritage

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  1. I enjoyed doing this activity, I felt that if this was used in a classroom it could help the students to work on and improve their writing skills. Although our topic was on Family and Cultural Heritage, a teacher could also have his/her class look up and discuss other topics and subjects such as; history, the students could look up several different events in our history and discuss the highlights, important points or the negative and the positives of that historical event. Also student could look at thing that may have been happening in different parts of the world at a particular time, such as what was Europe’s reaction on 9-11 when America was being attacked. What was the reaction of people around the world; this activity would encourage the students to read up on the news articles of that year as well as it would encourage them to see the emotional response of others from diverse cultures. Once the students do that research then they would write and compare their thoughts to those of their fellow classmates. Another activity that can incorporate this program would be an English classroom there again it would encourage the students to read, research, and write on any given subject. A Foods or Home Ec. class could also benefit from this site in that the teacher could have the students look up various cooking methods and recipes. Students would then comment on their findings and perhaps even attempt to prepare a few of the recipes.