Monday, September 19, 2011

Marshmallow Podcast

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  1. Like most all technological activities we have done in class, the use of Aviary was something new and different for me. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn this activity and at the same time overcome the challenges of getting the microphones and recordings to work. Kristen and I enjoyed the challenge of looking up and finding out the specific names and or words used to describe a particular thing. Examples for this would be the word marshmallow, in Spanish I have always heard and used the word bombon; however, the word in the Spanish dictionary was malvavisco. Malvavisco is a word that I had not heard, let alone use before this date. Unfortunately, other than explaining to my family what I had learned about that word I don’t believe I will be using the word malvavisco any time soon. I think that most Spanish speaking people around me would think that I was trying to show off, (in an educated way). As far as using Aviary in the education setting, I think that this is a good activity to incorporate in a bilingual class, or in a speech class, also in a foreign language class, this can be used to help the students with their vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of different cultures. However, because with Aviary an individual must use their voices and their hearing senses it would not be an ideal activity for our Deaf students.