Monday, September 12, 2011

Changing education paradigms

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  1. I really enjoyed this video, mainly because I agree quite a bit with the things that were being discussed. I believe that many students are being put on prescription drugs and in the process they are not only slowing down and not being so hyper, but I believe that they are losing their since of self. Children need to be allowed to run and play and exercise, but instead we have made them zombies. They can hardly think on their own anymore. We have forgotten that in times past these kids would run and play a lot during recess or lunch times; however, the system has taken that away and limits them to very little exercise time. Where do they get the time to work of their energy and or all the carbohydrates’ and sugars they have eaten. Another thing that is true is that children are mostly kept together according to age regardless of their skills and knowledge ability. Thus, students that are accelerating are slowed down for those that are not picking up a topic as quickly and those that do not understand it at all are being dragged regardless of the fact that they were completely lost in the situation. It seems as though we have decided that it is better to pass them (the students) on to the next level and let another person deal with them, than to take the time to help them succeed.